The National War College and Alumni Association depends upon the generosity from the most loyal alumni base of any of the war colleges. Your financial support through membership enables us to fund our current programs and expand new opportunities for the college and our alumni. 

Our primary objective is to enhance the personal and professional network among our alumni and promote interest in the work of the National War College. Our programs are designed to help enhance the prestige of the National War College and help it endure as the truly unique experience that it is.

We ask for your support by either joining as a Life or Regular Member. To make it easier, we expanded our on-line Membership Renewal page to give you more options that now include both Regular Membership renewal and Life Membership.

To be eligible for membership in the Association as a Regular Member, the applicant must be a graduate of the National War College; have served as a member of the Resident Faculty for at least one academic year; or have served as a member of the college Directing Staff for at least one academic year.

We have a number of membership options. You may purchase a Life Membership for $300 with one payment or with three payments of $100. You may also purchase Annual Membership for $30 with one payment or through a subscription. We are also offering Annual Membership terms of three years for one $75 payment.

Finally, if you are an International Fellow, you may purchase Life Membership for $120.

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